META-Automation-Marine  designs and manufactures modular Alarm-Monitoring and Emergency Shut- Down Systems for Main- Engines and Power Generators of Vessels.      The SMK-9000 System - designed as IAMCS -system (Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System - is built on classified Electronic Units, monitors and controls according to specifications and meets the requirements for  -Main Engines, -Gear Boxes, -Propeller settings, -Bow Thusters, -Generator Engines, -Pumps, -Compressors, -Tanks etc.      The Alarm Monitor and Control System continuously controls the Ship’s current State of Engines, issues Alarms in the Event of Limits-exceedings and forces Shut-Down of the Units in case of further exceeding of certain critical values, to prevent in that manner hazardous Situations.      The System offers the Capability of detailed Data-recording of the monitored values and simplifies the Service Work helping to localize potential weaknesses and crucial points in the engines and electical generations system compounds.      The System is built in modular design and allow a flexible and time-saving Installation and Set-up. Its open Architecture makes it easily expandable for later, on-demand Integration of additional Monitoring Points and units.      Market orientation : Marine and Offshore, Energy production      OEM Products :Temperature, Speed and Pressure Sensors and Transmitters, Electronic Control Systems SMK-9000 : ALARM- , MONITORING- AND SAFETY SYSTEMS IAMCS - Alarm and Monitor Systems SMK-9000 - System for complete Control of the Ship Propulsion Units, i.e. Engine Speed, Gear Box, Propeller and Bow Thrust.  The System relies on classified PLC-Component in multi-redundant Architecture. All Equipment Units are in fully interchangeble plug-and-play Design assurring absolute Reliability and Maintenance Freedom. Delivering / Supplying Components : > Lever Console > Bow thrust console (depending on type of controller either joystick for digital control or button panel for analog control for older bow thruster types. >Motors and Sensors for complete Propulsion Control and Monitoring >Ruggedized System Enclosure with fully galvanic Isolation for Installation in Engine Room. Ship Propulsion Control Systems SMK-9000 : SHIP PROPULSION SYSTEM  ARCHITECTURE Enginge Throttle Control Detail Bridge Control Detail SMK-9000 : EXHAUST GAS MONITORING SΥSTEM TYPICAL SYSTEM OVERVIEW Exhaust Gas Monitoring Systems Machine Sensor Installation Enginge Room Installation - System Enclosures  The Syste SMK-9000 Exhaust Gas Monitoring System, for in-line Engines is adaptable and and not restricted by the quantity of the Cylinders.  System Description  : The System monitors the exhaust Gas Temperature of each Cylinder of the Engine, calculates and monitors the Deviations from the avarage Value of each Bank of Cylinders and Temperatures behind or before the Turbo-Charger. In the Event if a maximum Temperature is exceeded, the System produces an Alarm. The Alarm is a dedicated Alarm for each Cylinder, Avarage or Turbo and is showing via an associated LED , flashing Display and audible Alarm (Horn). The Alarm can be acknowledged via Buttons at the Front of the System Enclosure or from external Buttons in remote Positions. The System Sensor are insulated Thermoelements/Thermocouples of Type K (NiCr-Ni) or J (Fu-CuNi) for exhaust Temperatures up to 900 oC. A Reference Junction Temperature-Sensor (Pt100) compensates for the accurate Temperature Calculation. Each Temperature Channel is monitored for Sensor Failure with Alarm Annunciation and all Sensor Wires are terminated in a common Junction Box where also the Reference Thermo-Sensor is installed providing so the necessary Correction. On Vessels Demand a Temperature or Alarm Recording can be combined with Printing Devices for Failure Tracing and Maintenance. Technical Data of the System : > Power Supply 24 Vdc (18-32 Vdc) > Power Consumption : < 0.5 A > Operating Temperature : up to 55 oC > Protection Class : IP 54 The System is Manufacturer-neutral for all Types of Engines ENGINE CONTROLS : BASIC ENGINE CONTROL UNIT SMK-9000 SMK-9000 : EXHAUST GAS MONITORING SΥSTEM ELECTRICAL DRAWING SMK-9000 : EXHAUST GAS MONITORING SΥSTEM OPERATION MANUAL SMK-9000 : SHIP PROPULSION SYSTEM  OPERATION MANUAL Affilliated Companies: Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                . META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation.