META-Automation provides a full and complete Range for Temperature Sensors of all Types. They are used in various industrial and marine Applications. The Range comprises : >InfraRed Thermometers (pyrometers), >InfraRed Cameras and Sensors, >Handheld Infrared Thermometers for mobile Use round up the offered Spectrum. >Customized  Resistance Thermometers (RTD/Pt100/NTC etc) and Thermocouples (Thermoelements) according to Customer Specification.      Especially the contaktless InfaRed Temperature Sensors and Imagers from Micro-Epsilon - provided in different Model-Types  and Series - are created for industrial Applications and Research and Development.  They are built on the latest Semiconductor Technology and achieve very accurate Measurement Results from large Distances.. These Sensors are wear free and without any physical Effect or Impact on the Target Product.They offer measuring Ranges starting from -50 oC up to 2200 oC for molten metals. Their Installation is easy,  without mechanical Modifications on the Productio Line. Micro-Epsilon offer a wide Range of Accessories and mounting AssembliesObject, so that the Insstallation of the offered InfraRed Temperature Sensors tallation becomes easy and quick.  There are several  different Optics / Lenses available for the various Series. The Lenses are basically differentiated by the Ratio of the Distance of the measuring Object to the Diameter of the measuring Spot. There are : 1. Standard Focus Optics (SF Lenses) : which   have a linear Ratio 2. Close Focus Optics (CF Lenses) : which have a smaller measuring Spot in Distance close to the Sensor and 3. Far Focus Optics (FF Lenses) : which offer a small measuring Spot even at large Distances. While common IR-Temperature Sensors on the Market can not measure temperature of tiny small parts -e.g. such  as Leads of ICs, small hot spots on circuit boards, Fiber Strands etc - Micro-Epsilon offer the most sophisticated optics for the IR Sensors to measure with the Worlds smallest Spot Sizes < 1 mm.   > Thermal imagers detect and measure temperatures on surfaces. > The thermal imaging camera series TIM is designed for precise measurement tasks due to the high thermal sensitivity. > Powered from just one USB cable, the system is truly plug and play. > Different classes of performance models allow the use of an appropriate model for different applications. IR temperature sensors of the thermoMETER CT series are most durable, robust and reliable with an extreme long life expectancy. >IR temperature sensors of the series “thermoMETER CT”  are most durable, robust and reliable with an extreme long life expectancy. This IR temperature sensors operate in 250°C environment without cooling and are used in a variety of applications within any industry from R&D to production and process monitoring. > Temp. Ranges : -50 °C to +2200°C > High accuracy : min. 0.3% or +/-1 oC,  Resolution:  +/-0.1 % oC,  Repetability : +/- 0.1% > Extensive accessories Economic CT-Sensors, General Industry Use: CT Data Sheet  Sensors for Very Hot Industrial Ambient : CT-Hot Data Sheet  Sensors for Metals & Shiny Materials : CT-M1/M2  Data Sheet Sensors with special laser filters : CT-M3XL Data Sheet for Special Processes, Welding, Soldering etc   Sensors processing of plastics : CT-P7 Data Sheet  Conversion Kit for Explosive EX Enviroments : CT-Ex Data Sheet  Two Color Radiometric Pyrometer for hot metals and extrem tasks : CT-Ratio Data Sheet Miniature InfraRed Sensor with Integrated Controller & LASER Aiming: : CS-LASER Data Sheet TIM : Thermo-Imager InfraRed Thermometer CT : For General Industry Use CT-InfraRed Thermometers InfarRed Temperature Sensors with LASER - Marking Thermometer with LASER Marking : CT-LASER  Data Sheet High Speed InfraRed Thermometer : CT-LASER Fast Data Sheet High Performance IR-Thermometer for Glass Targets : CT-LASER GLASS Data Sheet IR-Temperature Sensor with LASER Marking for Metal, Ceramics & Lustrous Materials : CT-LASER M1/M2 Data Sheet High Performance IR-Temperature Sensor with LASER Marking for Metal, & Composite Targets : CT-LASER M3 Data Sheet High Performance IR-Temperature Sensor with LASER Marking for Liquid Metals : CT-LASER M5 Data Sheet InfraRed Temperature Sensor with LASER Aiming for Measurement Through or On Flames : CT-LASER Combustion Data Sheet InfraRed Temperature Sensor with CrossHair LASER Sighting and Video Module for Metals abd Ceramics : CT-Video  M1/M2 Data Sheet InfraRed Temperature Sensor with CrossHair LASER Sighting and Video Module for Metals and Composite Matereials : CT-Video M3 Data Sheet Two Wire InfraRed Thermometer with CrossHair LASER Sighting and Video Module for Metals and Ceramics : CS-Video M2 Data Sheet CT-LASER Sensors Infrared Thermometer CT-Video / CS-Video CT-Video /CS-Video Sensor Glas Fibre Pyrometer for Extrem Applications CT-Ratio Small InfraRed Sensors for OEM Applications Compact InfraRed Sensor with Integrated Electronics : CS Data Sheet Extrem Compact InfraRed Temperature Sensor : CS-Micro Data Sheet Miniature Two Wire InfraRed Sensor for OEM-Applications : CS-Micro-2W  Data Sheet CS-InfraRed Sensors Self-Contained Precision IR-Temperature :  CX Data Sheet Handheld Pyrometers Handheld Non Contact Infrared MS-Series Measuring ranges :  -32 [oC] to 760 [oC] Multifunctional Hand-Thermometer LS-Series (Manual) Measuring ranges : -35 [oC] to 900 [oC]  Handheld thermometer for industrial temperature measurements Temperature ranges from 0°C to 2000°C Temperature Asphalt Mixing Processes  Temperature Iron and Steal molten Mass up to 2200 oC Temperature Glass Industry Processes up to 1650 oC Temperature AluminiumProcesses Thermal Imager Cameras : TIM This IR temperature sensors are used in a variety of applications within any industry. Details >Innovative IR sensors with laser aiming, >Temperature ranges from -50 °C to +2200°C >Marking of the real measuring spot size Best price miniaturized temperature sensors with integrated controller for stationary applications. Details > Controller in the Sensor or Cable > Temperature range from -40 °C to +1600 °C > OEM products for high-volume production The video pyrometers thermoMETER CTVideo and CSVideo measure within the range from 50 °C to 2,200 °C and are therefore ideally suited to high temperature applications. Response times from 1ms enable to integrate them fast and easily into the processes. The vario lenses allow for stepless focusing from a measurement distance of 90mm. Smallest objects from 0.5mm can therefore be measured reliably. Details Parallel use of video module and crosshair laser sighting for measuring field adjustment (measuring fields from 0.5mm) Applicable in ambient temperatures up to 70 °C without any additional cooling Measurements on hot metals, ceramics and composite materials Automatic snapshot feature for process monitoring and corresponding documentation Glass fiber 2 color ratio thermometer for extreme temperature measurements. The ratiometric principle minimizes measurement errors caused by intensity change (e.g. contamination due to dust, fumes..), low emissivity and partial spot size coverage of the target. Details Measuring Ranges : 700 [oC] .....1800 [oC], Optical Resolution 40:1, Spectral range 0.7 to 1.1µm Insensitive to Changes of the Emission, due to the Ratio Principle. Fiber Optics, therefore passive Sensor Head Single- or two-channel use, Resistant to electromagnetic influences, Very short acquisition time of 5 ms Insensitive to dust or steam, Up to 250°C ambient temperature without cooling Output options: 0/4 - 20mA, 0 - 5/10V, USB, RS232, RS 485, CAN, Profibus DP, Ethernet Handheld pyrometers are ideally suited for fast and mobile temperature measurement. Universally usable, they provide fast results in many situations. Details > Universal device and precision pyrometer > Laser sighting for accurate readings > A lot of versions for many applications Temperature Non-Contact Measurement for Hot and extreme Enviroments Temperature Measurement for Cooling Processes  Glued Wood Temperature Measurement Soldering Processes Temerature Measurement Spots from 0.45mm ThermoImager TIM : Technical Catalog  TIM-Light Weight, Flight applications : Data Sheet  Fastest CT-Sensors for Industry Applications: CT-Fast Data Sheet  Sensors for Metals & Composite Materials : CT-M3 Data Sheet  Mobile Measuring System for Thermal Material Analysis : CT-Trans Data Sheet Application : Selecting the suitable Thermometer for the particular Use Affilliated Companies: Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation.