Material properties for on-line or in-situ monitoring : Basis Weight (Weight per Unit Area , gr/m2) Moisture Content Thickness Mass Flow Material Constituents Density / Consistency Dielectric Constant and Dielectric Loss-Factor Colour ( real Colour ) Temperature Materials to be monitored: Pulp, Paper and Carton Wood and Wood derivatives Metals Minerals Construction / building Materials Agricultural products Food Glas Textiles Plastics and Composites META-Automation provides State Of The Art technological solutions for non destructive measuring and control of materials properties. . Motivations for Online Monitoring and Control of material parameters during manufacturing by establishing and maintaining competitive advantages resulting from : I) Improved, repeatable of product quality   II) Labor savings resulting from minimizing the time consuming off-line sample preparation, testing under not production conditions III) Energy savings resulting from the ability to tighten tolerance ranges and avoiding machine regulations and settings in order to lie on “safe side”. IV) Reducing of “out-of-specification” waste and /or the necessity for product recycling. V) Maintaining and Analyzing of the running archives / records of product properties Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                For Marine Applications we supply certified Sensors and systems :   > Tachogenerators, Speed Sensors > Temperature Sensors (Pt100, Pt1000, NTCs, Thermoelements, Pyrometers) > Pressure Sensors > Indicators ( Analogue, Digital) > Limit Switches and Transducers ( Volt, mA, Ohm) > Alarm Monitoring and Safety Systems > Remote Control and Ship Propulsion Systems > Calibration of Sensors META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation.