META-Automation manufacture cost-effective Quality Control System QMS-9003. The System is designed for use in medium and small size mills where large sophisticated DCS systems are not paying out and provides a flexible modular plattform for Process-Monitoring, -Control , and -Documentation for industrial lines of web type products as they are encountered in paper- and carton, alluminium-, copper and steel, textile and plastics mills. The system can be equipped with radionuclids Basis Weight sensors, Infrared or Microwave Moisture sensors and Thickness sensors.      Depending on the Measurement and Control Requirements of the Manufacturer, the QMS-9003 starts from Small Scale System for basic Monitoring and can be upgraded to a full distributed Control System along the production line. The well established and praxis proven " Built In " Remote Service Capabilities of QMS-9003 assures 24/7 (24 Hours per Day, 7 Days per Week) Service and Customer Support .      The QMS-9003 system controls cover stock valve and speed control for the basis weight as well as moisture regulation through drying controls (steam preesure,speed).Proprietary control algorithms are used to perform a predictive mathematical material and energy balance for overall production improvements. CD controls The system build on industrial PC and PLC plattform provides besides profiles and trend representation also management tools as profile analysing for detecting weaknesses along the production line (e.g. pump malfunctions) and a detailled documentation and archiving (reel, coil reports, Day reports, shift reports, Alarm- and Operator reports etc.). The system provide enhanced remote diagnosis and tele-service capabilities supplying the mill process engineers with substantial updates, modifications and performance recommendatuions. > Number of Frames : up to 4 > Frame Lengths : up to 6 m > Scanner Speed : up to 32 m/min > Number of Sensors per Scanner : up to 4 > Ambient Temperature.: up to 80 oC QMS-9003 : O-FRAME Scanner QMS-9003 : T-FRAME Scanner QMS-9003 : C-FRAME Scanner QMS-9003 : Application Examples Basis Weight Control via Thickstock-valve Description of Process Controls Principals Layer-Control of Carton Former Machines Fiber Orientation (EFFLUX) Control Consisteny Control Application Moisture Control via Steam Pressure Stem Step Down Control Moisture Control via Machine Speed Quality Control and Monitoring Systems QMS-9003 : Description of the System Process Controls and Optimization META Paper Application META Tissue Application META Non Woven Application Affilliated Companies: Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                . META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation.