Affilliated Companies: . Home          About Company         Products & Support          Contact         Terms & Conditions         Imprint         Disclaimer                ODC-Sensors : Technical Catalog ODC-Sensors : Technical Catalog Application in Metal Industries  :Thickness Measurement of Metal Sheets      META-Automation delivers  a wide-Range of high accurate Sensors and standard or customized Systems to  measure and control the Thickness and the Profiling in a variety of industrial Applications. The Sensors offered work contact-less, non-destructive and do not affect the end-product (except for high Performance LVDT-Sensors}.      Different Methods are exploited each one suitable for requested Application. The physical Principals base on : >Infrared Radiation (for Plastics, Foils, Coating Layers) > Microwave transmission (for Plastics, Glasses, Laquering on Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (fCFR/CFPR),  on Polypropylen (PP) Plastics) > LASER (for Metals, Plastics, Rubber, Non-Woven, Paper, building Materials, Textiles, Wood) > Confocal (for Glasses, layered Glasses, transparent coextruded Foils) > Capacitive (for Metals, Isolators, Painting, Blown Films) > Eddy Currents (for Metals, Isolators)    > integrated Sensors / Gauges  combining two of above mentioned Methods in one Gauge (e.g. Capacitive / Eddy Currents, Laser / Eddy Currents in calandering Applications).      The Sensors offered get integrated into the Process-Line either as Fixed-Position Measurements or as Scanning measuring Applications - traversing across a given Surface-. For these gauging Configurations Precision and C-Clamp or O-Frames are used as part of the Measurement Task (compare Section Process Quality Monitoring). All Applications are supported by nummerous electrical Interface Systems and can be delivered as Sensors, Stand-alone Systems or integrated in META-Automation’s Quality Control System (QMS-9000 / -9002).      META-Automation as Company globally known in their Specializing in innovative Measuring and Control Technologies, offer customized Measurement and Control Solutions also in unconventional Applications where the Requirements are unique and therefore Standard Sensors and Solutions can not optimally meet the Customers Requirements. The Systems in that Case base on a common aggreed Requirements-Specification and Verification Agreement.     FMR-9 : InfraRed-Film Thickness Sensors   FMR-9 Technical Information FMR-9 Film Layers Measurement TML-9 : Thickness Measuring Sensors and Gauges : TML-9  Method of Operation   TML-9  System Requirements CONFOCAL SENSORS: Method of Operation CONFOCAL: Sensor - Catalogue Measurement  for One-Sided Multilayer Products as :  - Foils, -Glasses, -Surfaces, - Mirror-Surfaces, -,  Metals Measuring ranges [mm]: 0.12 | 0.300 | 1 | 3 | 8.5 | 10 | 20 | 22 | 24 Very High Precision :   Linearity : 0.12 µm ,  Resolution : 0.005 µm Micro-Epsilon:  Confocal Chromatic Sensors I) Laser sensors,  optoNCDT series,  operation according to the triangulation principle.: Details : Long measuring ranges, Long reference distances, High resolution and excellent linearity, High measuring frequency, Compact sensor design -------------------- II) Laser Profile Sensors : Two-Dimensional Profile Detection on different Target Surfaces. In Addition to Distance Information (z-Axis), the Controller also uses this Camera Image to calculate the Position along the Laser Line (x-Axis). These Measured Values are then Output in a Two-Dimensional Coordinate System that is fixed with respect to the Sensor. In Case of moving Objects or a Traversing Sensor, it is therefore possible to obtain 3D- Measurement Values. -z-Axis Range : up to 300 µm , -z-axis reference resolution <4nm   -x-axis measuring range up to 148mm , -Resolution x-axis up to 640 points -Profile frequency up to 2,000Hz , -Measuring rate up to 1,280,000 points per second LASER Profile Control Sensors:  Catalogue optoNCDT LASER Sensors LASER / LED based measuring systems with integrated high resolution CMOS or CCD camera for geometrical measurements > Measuring Ranges : 2 - 98 mm >Linearity : min. ± 0.0075 % F.S.O. (Full Scale Output) > Resolution: min. 0.00025 % F.S.O* Maximum Resolution and Accuracy, Wear-Free, Ideal for Process Control Optical Micrometer Measurement Sensors New: CLS-K-Sensors : Techn. Catalog Contactless Thickness sensor based on  Microwaves Applied as transmission or reflexion measurement for plastics- and glass- applications. High measurement sensitivity Wide Measurement Range No X-Rays or Radioactive Sources required Accuracies : better than +/- 10 microns Power Supply : 24 Vdc Microwave Thickness gauge Micro-Epsilon : Plasticsl application Micro-Epsilon : Rubber Profile application META : Coating Profile application Micro-Epsilon : Glass Thickness InfraRed Thickness Sensors Combined / Integrated Thickness Sensor Confocal Optical Thickness Sensors Micro-Epsilon: Multilayered Thickness Measurement LASER Sensors , Scan-Profile LASER Sensors Micro-Epsilon :Rail profile Measurement LASER  Sensor Type optoNCDT: Catalogue ScanContor 2D/3 LASER Profile Sensors Optical Micrometers - optoCONTROL ODC systems Microwave Thickness MMW- Sensor Micro-Epsilon: Foil Thickness Application Micro-Epsilon: LASER Wood Thickness Measurement Micro-Epsilon: LASER Thickness Traversing Frame Micro-Epsilon: LASER Car-Brakes Thickness                        Measurement META: Measurement  moisture, weight, flow, thickness, layers, consistency / density, temperature Equipment : propulsion control of ships, exhaust gas monitoring systems, alarm monitoring and safety systems, Technological Automation : process control, quality control systems, control moisture, -weight, -temperature, energy control, energy power automation.