MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact META-Automation has been established in 1996 in Athens/GR via Cooperation of Engineers with special Know-How in Microwaves Radiation and their Interaction with Materials. Microwaves show a high Sensitivity when they encounter or propagate in Materials and they also are high susceptible concerning Composition Changes of the underlying Materials. Their still limited Applications in Measuring Material-Properties has been dued to their excellent Performance in military and scientific Projects a fact which has led to quite high Prices concerning the Microwave building Components. That Times are definitely belonging to the Past as Microwaves steadily conquer new civil Application Areas and especially in industrial measuring Techniques aiming to ensure a high and repeatable Quality of the produced Goods. META’s today positioning in the Market encompasses  besides manufacturing of application-oriented  -- Microwave Gauges for in-situ measuring Material-Properties also the Conception, Assembly and Commissioning of  -- Infrared and LASER-based measuring Heads and Equipment for a Variety of different industrial and scientific Applications and  -- Operation Monitoring Systems for Industry & Marine  APPLICATIONS :