MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact Infrared Sensors for Non-Contact Temperature Measurement Micro-Epsilon : Catalog IR - thermoMETER Micro-Epsilon’s InfraRed (IR) Temperature Sensors of the thermoMETER Series incorporate state-of-the art Technology to achieve one Goal : High Precision and Non-Contact Temperature Measurement. The InfraRed thermoMETER measures on the Target precisely, wear-free and without any physical Impact. IR Temperature Sensors and IR Cameras are used in a Variety of Applications within any Industry in Research and Development (R&D) Areas and in Production Process Monitoring and Control.  Micro-Epsilon : InfraRed (IR) Thermometer IR-thermoMETER CT : They are used in a wide Variety of Applications. From low Temperatures typical in cooling  Chains or Laboratories to highest Temperatures in hot molten Metals and Furnaces. - Temperature Ranges from -50 oC to +2200 oC - Sensors for the Metal industry - Sensors for the glass industry - High speed version - Suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres - Extensive accessories IR-thermoMETER CTLaser : They are used for precise industrial Measurements in nummerous Applications. By using two LASER Beams the Spot is marked ensuring a precise Temperature Measurement.   - Measuring Range from  -50 oC to.+2200 oC - Real Spot Size marking - Innovative IR sensors with laser sighting    NEXT PAGE >>> APPLICATIONS :