MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact  # META-Automation is specialised in Microwaves-Technology and Infrared-Radiation for  accurate Measurements of Moisture or.Water Content for Materials such as > Building materials (e.g. concret, bricks ). > Paper- and Carton (pulp- and paper-industry) > Textiles and Wood (textile- and wood-processing, cotton, fibres, MDF-board) > Agricultural products (e.g, seeds, rice, tobacco, coffee, kernels, gelatines, animal food) > Metals (aluminium-, steel-processing, coatings) > Food (sugar, butter, salts, pasta, potatoes-chips, biscuits) > Minerals (e.g. coals, bauxite,sand,phosphats basalt ) > Chemicals (powders,granulates) > Waste (recycling-processes) > Liquids and Gases (brake fluid, ethanol, acetone, silicone, butanol, methanol,phenol, propanol etc) > Polymers and Composites (PVB, safety glasses).  # On-line, Real-Time Measurement of Moisture / Weight [gsm] in the different Industy Branches is a Key-Factor in > Energy Savings (drying processes) > Time Savings (production speed, laboratory costs) > Quality and Consistency of the End-Product > Material Savings (avoiding waste scrap products)  .    Microwaves-Moisture Gauges MMW-9  Technical Information MMW-9  Method of Operation MMW-9R Moisture in Concrete, User’s Manual NEXT PAGE >>> APPLICATIONS :