Home Products & Support About Contact CONFOCAL Sensor Systems for Displacement, Distance, Position and Thickness With the Confocal Chromatic measuring Principle, White Light is split into different Spectra by Lenses and focused on an Object through a Multi-Lens optical System. The Lenses are arranged in such a Formation that the Light is broken down by controlled chromatic Aberration into Monochromatic Wavelengths dependent on the Displacement. Confocal Systems deliver extrem measuring Precision. Confocal Principle Micro-Epsilon offers application-specific up to six different Sensor-Types : Confocal-IDT-IFS-2402, -IFS2403, -IFS2404, -IFS2405, -IFS2406 and IFS2407. As well as standard Sensors for high Precision Measurement Tasks, miniature Sensors with axial and radial Measurement Directions are also available. All Sensors have a passive Design and so do not radiate any Heat onto the Target, a Fact which enables them, depending on Type/Model, to be used in different Environments e.g. in a Vacuum or hazardous (Ex) Areas etc. Measuring Ranges : 0.3 mm up to 30 mm (Type-dependent) Linearity/Accuracy : 0.15 μm | 0.3 μm | 0.75 μm | 1 μm (Type-dependent) Measuring Resolutions : 0.01 μm | 0.016µm | 0.04 μm | 0.024 μm | Micro-Epsilon Confocal Sensors Micro-Epsilon Confocal Controller Micro-Epsilon :Catalog ConfocalID-Sensors MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS : MARINE SYSTEMS : Food, Pharmaceutical > Paper, Carton, Wood  >  Metal, Glas & Flames   > Plastics & Textiles        > Construction, Recycling> Automation, Robotics   > Microwaves & Infrared    > LASER & Radioactive     > Temperature Gauges      > Alarm & Monitoring       > Ship Propulsion             > Exhaust Gas               >  APPLICATIONS :