MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact Eddy Current Sensors for Displacement, Distance and Position Micro-Epsilon : Catalog eddy-current Sensors Micro-Epsilon Eddy-Current Sensors are based on the Eddy Current Principle and designed for Non-Contact Measurement of Displacements, Distances, Positions, Oscillations and Vibrations.They are particularly suitable when high Precision is required in harsh enviroments in the Industry. Eddy-Current Sensors from Micro-Epsilon offer extremerly accurate Measurements where Sub-Micron Accuracy and Resolution are is required. Product Characteristics : - Non-Contact Measurement on Feromagnetic & Non-Feromagnetic Materials - Suitable for hostile and demanding industrial Enviroments (Dirt, Pressure, Temperature) - High Resolution and Temperature Stability - High Frequency Measurements for fast Response - Robust and “industrial Grade” Sensor Designs - Versatile Application Possibilities due to comprehensive Product Range - Customer-specific Sensors and Controllers                             Type                                    Measuring Ranges         Resolution             Linearity               eddyNCDT 3001    Compact eddy-current) sensor                 2/4/6/8 mm                 0.1% FSO        +/- 0.7% FSO  with integrated controller                     eddyNCDT 3005         Compact eddy-current System                   1 - 6 mm                 0.05% FSO      +/-0.25% FSO  for serial Applications        eddyNCDT 3060 High Performance eddy-current                    1 - 4 mm              0.002% FSO       +/-0.2% FSO Displacement System            eddyNCDT 3300                                  0.4 - 80 mm           0.005% FSO       +/- 0.2% FSO  Inductive High-Power Sensor System                                                                                                                 FSO : Full Scale Output          Micro-Epsilon : Eddy-Current Sensors-Probes (without Controller) APPLICATIONS :