LASER Scanners for 2D/3D Profile Measurements Micro-Epsilon : Catalog LASER scanCONTROL Sensors Micro-Epsilon’s scanControl LASER Profile Sensors are divided into three Classes : COMPACT, HIGHSPEED and SMART. The first two Versions transmit the measured Raw Profile to Customers Application-Software whereas the SMART Series evaluate the measuring Data in the Head integrated Controller delivering ready-to-use Profile-Data which optionally can in turn be further processed by a Software Package accompanying the Sensor. Micro-Epsilon : scanControl Sensor Application Micro-Epsilon : Modell-Overview scanCONTROL Sensors Micro-Epsilon : scanControl Sensor Family Typical measuring Tasks with scanCONTROL : Profile, Width, Height, Depth, Edge, Groove, Bead, Gap, Angle, Roundness, Presence, Flatness, Deformation, Flushness etc. Configuration Tools - easy Setup for scanCONTROL : That is a Software to configure and parametrise scanCONTROL Sensors on a Windows PC. It helps to set up the Sensor, view, save/load and export Profiles.  It helps you to set up the sensor, view profiles, save/load and export profiles. Micro-Epsilon : Configutation Tools and Software Micro-Epsilon : Application Examples scanCONTROL MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS : MARINE SYSTEMS : Food, Pharmaceutical > Paper, Carton, Wood  >  Metal, Glas & Flames   > Plastics & Textiles        > Construction, Recycling> Automation, Robotics   > Microwaves & Infrared    > LASER & Radioactive     > Temperature Gauges      > Alarm & Monitoring       > Ship Propulsion             > Exhaust Gas               >  APPLICATIONS : Home Products & Support About Contact AUTOMATION META-            INDUSTRIAL & MARINE AUTOMATION THE  INNOVATORS IN GAUGING