LASER Sensors for Displacement, Distance, Position and Thickness  Micro-Epsilon Laser Sensors are considered as ones of the best in their Class. These Laser Sensors are used for Measurement and Monitoring Tasks in Factory Automation, Electronics Production, Robotics and Vehicle Construction etc. For Profile (2 D/3D Profiles) Measurement and Evaluation on different Object Surfaces, see Section for Laser Line Sensors: Laser Profile Scanners Due to their high measuring Rate, the Micro-Epsilon Triangulation Lasers of Series optoNCDT offer high Accuracy and provide reliable Results in continuous industrial Operations. Most of the optoNCDT sensors can be set up using a web interface. Therefore, set up and configuration of the sensors is convenient and can be stored and transferred to other sensors via a standard web browser. optoNCDT Laser Sensors are extremely compact and equipped with a completely integrated Controller, enabling a straightforward, rapid mounting and wiring. Thus Installation in restricted Spaces easily pοssible. Micro-Epsilon Triangulation Lasers of the Serie optoNCDT distinguishing Features : # Measurement of displacement, distance and thickness on numerous surfaces # Ideal for automation, production control and test bench # High measurement accuracy # Ideal for measurement tasks with high measuring rates # Comprehensive product range with numerous measuring ranges # Compact design with integrated controller # Ease of use via web interface # New: optoNCDT 1320 / 1420 compact laser sensors with high functionality optoNCDT Application Guide Publication : Laser Triangulation Sensors next Page >>> Micro-Epsilon : Highest Precision Laser Micro-Epsilon : Variety of Models for any Measuring Challemge For an Overview of all Lasers available and Performance Comparison Table as well as a technical Sensor Catalog of all Types, please visit Next Page. MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS : MARINE SYSTEMS : Food, Pharmaceutical > Paper, Carton, Wood  >  Metal, Glas & Flames   > Plastics & Textiles        > Construction, Recycling> Automation, Robotics   > Microwaves & Infrared    > LASER & Radioactive     > Temperature Gauges      > Alarm & Monitoring       > Ship Propulsion             > Exhaust Gas               >  APPLICATIONS : Home Products & Support About Contact AUTOMATION META-            INDUSTRIAL & MARINE AUTOMATION THE  INNOVATORS IN GAUGING