Magneto-Inductive Distance-, Speed Maesurement (mainSENSOR) Micro-Epsilon : Catalog mainSENSORS mainSensor is based on an innovative measuring Principle, developed by Micro-Epsilon combining the advantages of both inductive and magnetic Sensors. Magneto-Inductive Sensors are frequetly used in Process Automation, in packaging Industry and in Machine Monitoring.    Working Principle: measuring the Distance to a Magnet, that is fixed on the Object, the Sensor delivers a continuous linear Output-Signal. Applying Magnets of different Strenght measuring Ranges between 20 - 55 mm can be achieved. and .In Order to adapt the measuring Range a simple Magnet changing is necessary. Product Characteristics : - Linear Output Signal, High Sensitivity and Temperature Stability - Selectable measuring Ranges with different Magnets - Long Life Sensors, Non-Contact Measurement Micro-Epsilon : mainSensor Gruppe Measuring through Objects : Unlike conventional measuring Methods, the magneto-inductive iSensors enable Measurements through NON-FERROMAGNETIC  Materials e.g. Aluminium  or Stainless Steel. A clear Benefit is provided here as Sensor and Magnet can be mounted separately in Applications with closed Systems or Housings, allowing safe Sensor Insallation in harsh Enviroments.    Speed Measurement (Revolutions) : mainSENSOR is used for rotational Speed Measurement. Task can easily get performed by attaching one or two Magnets on the rotating measuring Object. Regardless the Direction of the Rotation the Sensor measures the Speed of the Target.   MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS : MARINE SYSTEMS : Food, Pharmaceutical > Paper, Carton, Wood  >  Metal, Glas & Flames   > Plastics & Textiles        > Construction, Recycling> Automation, Robotics   > Microwaves & Infrared    > LASER & Radioactive     > Temperature Gauges      > Alarm & Monitoring       > Ship Propulsion             > Exhaust Gas               >  APPLICATIONS : Home Products & Support About Contact AUTOMATION META-            INDUSTRIAL & MARINE AUTOMATION THE  INNOVATORS IN GAUGING