MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact <<< PREVIOUS PAGE Micro-Epsilon : Steel Sheet Thickness  LASER Sensor Type optoNCDT : Application-Guide ScanContor Blue LASER NEXT PAGE >>> I) Laser sensors,  optoNCDT series,  operation according to the triangulation principle.: Details : Long measuring ranges, Long reference distances, High resolution and excellent linearity, High measuring frequency, Compact sensor design -------------------- II) Laser Profile Sensors : Two-Dimensional Profile Detection on different Target Surfaces. In Addition to Distance Information (z-Axis), the Controller also uses this Camera Image to calculate the Position along the Laser Line (x-Axis). These Measured Values are then Output in a Two-Dimensional Coordinate System that is fixed with respect to the Sensor. In Case of moving Objects or a Traversing Sensor, it is therefore possible to obtain 3D- Measurement Values. -z-Axis Range : up to 300 µm , -z-axis reference resolution <4nm   -x-axis measuring range up to 148mm , -Resolution x-axis up to 640 points -Profile frequency up to 2,000Hz , -Measuring rate up to 1,280,000 points per second LASER Profile, Scan Control Sensors:  Catalogue optoNCDT LASER Sensors LASER Thickness Sensors , Scan-Profile Sensors LASER  Sensor Type optoNCDT: Catalogue  ScanContor 2D/3 LASER Profile Sensors APPLICATIONS :