MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact Inductive Sensors (LVDT)  for Displacement and Position Micro-Epsilon : Catalog induSENSORS Micro-Epsilon offers a large Range of Inductive Sensors for Measurement the Displacement and the Position. The Range consists of conventonal LVDT-Sensors and Inductive-Sensors with integrated Controller up to customised high Volume Versions. The induSensor Displacement Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are largely encountered in Process-Automation, Quality Assurance, Test-Rigs, Hydraulics, Pneumatic-Cylinders and  Automotive Engineering. Product Characteristics : - Wear- and Maintenance-free Sensor-Systems - Compact, robust, ruggetised Design suitable for Integration into Machinery - Excellent Price/Performance Ration, ideal for High Volume Applications                            Type                                 Measuring Ranges         Resolution             Linearity            induSENSOR DTA Sensors      LVDT Sensor Series DTA                    1 - 25 mm                         --                 +/- 0.15% FSO            induSENSOR DTA Gauge         induSENSOR LVDT Gauges                  1 - 10 mm                        --                 +/-0.3% FSO  for High Volume Applications         induSENSOR EDS Series                    75 - 630 mm             0.05% FSO        +/-0.3% FSO          induSENSOR LDR Series                    10 - 50 mm                    --                  +/- 0.3% FSO  Inductive High-Power Sensor System                                                                                                                 FSO : Full Scale Output          Micro-Epsilon : Inductiv, LVDT Sensors Micro-Epsilon : Data Sheet MSC740-Controller for LVDT Sensors Micro-Epsilon : MSC710-Controller for induSenSENSORS APPLICATIONS :