MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact  For multilayer- Components Thickness and typical Measurement Ranges of :   PE Polyethylen up to 280 microns ,  PA Polyamid up to 90 microns,  EVOH up to 25 microns,   PP Polypropylen up to 180 microns,  PET Polyethylenterephthalat up to 200 microns,  PU up to 190 microns , etc  Indicative Combinations are :   PE/PA, PE/EVOH, PE/PP, PE/PET,  PE/EVOH/PA,  PE/EVOH/PC, PA/EVOH,   PA/PP,  PA/PET,  PA/EVOH/PP, P/EVOH,   PE/SURLYN, PE/PU, PET/ACRYLIC FMR-9 : Technical Information Basis Weight and Coating  -(InfraRed Radiation) for plastic Films- and Polymers META: Plastics Weight Measurement META: InfraRed Gauge <<< PREVIOUS PAGE NEXT PAGE >>> APPLICATIONS :