Alarm and Monitoring Systems      META-Automation- designs and manufactures modular Alarm-Monitoring and Emergency Shut-Down Systems for Main- Engines and Power Generators of Vessels.    The SMK-9000 System - designed as IAMCS -System (Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control System) - is built on classified Electronic Units, monitors and controls according to Specifications and meets the Requirements for safe Operation of  -Main Engines, -Gear Boxes, -Propeller Functioning, -Bow Thusters, -Generator Engines & Pumps, -Compressors, -Tanks etc.      The Alarm Monitor and Control System continuously controls the Ship’s current State of Engines, issues Alarms in the Event of Limits- Crossing and forces Shut-Down of the Units in Case of further Exceeding of certain critical Values, preventing in that manner hazardous Situations.    The System offers the Capability of detailed Data- Recording of monitored Values and simplifies the Service Work by Helping to localize of potential Weaknesses and crucial Points in Engines and electical Generators.    SMK-9000-System is built in modular design allowing flexible and time-saving Installation and Set-up. Its open Architecture makes it easily expandable for later, on-demand Integration of additional Monitoring Points and Units. Sensors available : OEM appropriate Products for Temperature, Speed, Pressure and Level Sensors and Transmitters, Electronic Control Systems .  ALARM- MONITORING- AND SAFETY SYSTEMS SMK-9000: INDICATIVE SYSTEM ARCHITECTURE BRIDGE INSTRUMENTATION APPLICATION MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS : MARINE SYSTEMS : Food, Pharmaceutical > Paper, Carton, Wood  >  Metal, Glas & Flames   > Plastics & Textiles        > Construction, Recycling> Automation, Robotics   > Microwaves & Infrared    > LASER & Radioactive     > Temperature Gauges      > Alarm & Monitoring       > Ship Propulsion             > Exhaust Gas               >  APPLICATIONS : Home Products & Support About Contact AUTOMATION META-            INDUSTRIAL & MARINE AUTOMATION THE  INNOVATORS IN GAUGING