MEASURING PRINCIPLES : MEASURING HEADS :  MARINE SYSTEMS : Home Products & Support About Contact META-Automation develops Industry Gauges for measuring of Moisture, Weight per Area [gsm] / Grammage and Thickness. Our QCS (Quality Control System) QMS-9003 integrates up to 4 Gauges garanteeing full Control and gapless Tracing / Archiving of the Process under Monitoring. META-Automation also supplies nummerous high Precision Sensors & Devices for highly accurate Measurement of  Displacement / Distance / Length and Position, of Temperature - via InfraRed - Radiation,  Colour- Sensors and technical Endoscopes. For Marine Applications META-Automation develops ready made or customised Systems for Alarm and Monitoring  of crucial Machine Parameters , Ship Propulsion Systems and Systems for Exhaust-Gas Monitoring. Industry Sensors for Displacement, Distance, Length & Position : Laser Sensor Systems for 2D/3D dimensional Measurement : IR-Temerature Sensors and thermal Imagers : Colour Sensors ,technical Endoscopes and Inspection Systems : Marine Applications : APPLICATIONS : Industry Gauges and Systems : SERVICE AND SUPPORT :  # Upon Aggreement META-Automation beyond  System Guarrandy takes on Observing, Process-Analysing and regularly Maintaining delivered Systems and Gauges. Scope of Service Work depends entirely on Customer’s Requirements. # For the Majority of the Systems a Remote Control Capability and Maintenance will be applied.